Full Glass Living


Meet Akita


As a Life Mastery Consultant, certified by Brave Thinking Institute, Akita Brooks can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose.


No more living someone else’s dream!

Akita’s passion is teaching former people-pleasers who are tired of being stressed, confused, and burnt-out to unlock their true potential, achieve outrageous success, and live a life THEY love living!

Springboarding from her own journey with depression and a mood disorder, she is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after transformational coach. Her clients find enrichment and fulfilling lives through a proven, reliable and repeatable system. 

She supports clients to dump their limiting beliefs so that they get in touch with their underlying desire to feel more joy, balanced, and at peace with themselves. 

Biography: Akita has a Master’s Degree in Leadership, specialized in leadership development and has taught personal development principles to college students for over 16 years. Akita has appeared as a guest speaker at events such as The Powerful Body Confidence Conference. 

Akita is also a TranscenDance™ Facilitator blending the mindfulness of yoga off the mat into a beautiful conscious dance modality. She is Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Life Coach.

She is the author of Full Glass Living: 28 Days to Dump Limiting Beliefs, which became Amazon’s #1 New Release under Popular Psychology: Mental Illness.

Your Dream Is Within Reach

Wonderful things are seeking to happen with you. They don’t happen by pursuing what you think is possible based on your situation, circumstances or outside conditions. They happen by living from a vision that is born from the question, “What would I LOVE?” I can show you how.
Akita Brooks

Work With Me


Group Coaching

When we connect with a tribe of people with similar values and beliefs, amazing things can happen. You expand your network of valuable connections. You get to give and receive help and support. You get to experience that priceless feeling of being part of something greater than yourself. My Group Coaching clients benefit not just from the coaching process, but also from peer learning with others. Plus, many of my clients find coaching in a group puts them “less on the spot”, giving them more time to reflect and integrate their insights.

Private 1:1 Coaching

The power of personal coaching lies in the fact that it provides an individual with the most critical ingredient for extraordinary, consistent success: ongoing support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback and, most importantly, high level perspective. When a person knows that they will be regularly masterminding with a coach – someone who is going to give them unwavering encouragement and high-level support all the way to the finish line – that person’s commitment, enthusiasm, and belief in their goal increases exponentially.